What comes after Po-Po-Mo?

April Fools Day [no foolin!] Art Opening, Comic Book Style!

Art Opening    Something Special for Comics Month!

Date: Friday April First
Time: 6pm-Midnight
Venue: The Globe
Address: 2045 SE Belmont St.  Portland, Or   97214
Closes: April 28, 2011

Sci-Fi / Fantasy Paintings, and Comicbook Illustration Originals by Portland artists.

Matthew Clark (Original Comicbook Cover Art)
Alan Bennett (Original Comicbook Scratchboard Art)
John Gajowski (Original Paintings and Illustration)
Sam Arneson (Original Paintings and Illustration)

All artists are Portland Locals.

Matthew Clark has been working for DC comics exclusively for the past 5 years, where he has worked on many titles including Outsiders, Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood, Final Crisis: Submit, Supergirl, and Tangent: Superman’s Reign. Matthew is currently working on the latest version of the Doom Patrol. Clark has worked for Marvel on such titles as Inhumans and War of Kings Saga, and on other titles such as Vampirella and Felon.

Alan Bennett is a motivated self starter and DIY comic artist and publisher. He maintains production of multiple indy titles such as Johnny Vega and Corpse Cop and is highly influenced by sci-fi movies of the fifties and sixties. Bennett uses non traditional methods in his comic illustration, storyboarding on post-its and using a wacom digital drawing tablet to produce color panels without linework. In a contrasting technique, Alan renders other books with scratchboard alone, pulling all of his imagery out of black surface. This technique has developed into stand-alone pieces and his gallery art shows.

John Gajowski is an Illustrator. He feels that all things must die!….and then come back to life! Rendering horror and doom is one of his specialties, often in ink and watercolor. You’ll also find his name on zombie comics, artistic interpretations of classic video games and homages to the original A-Team.

Sam Arneson is a painter of fantastic creatures and places, often merging the two in surreal living landscapes with a painterly realism. His narratives question the relationships between humans, animals and the earth, sometimes with a surreal twist. His imaginary places appear to be part of a bigger story, a movie, or pages from epic sci-fi or fantasy novels. He is also a live painter, muralist and cartoonist.

I’m the curator. I’ve curated inside Cadenza Academy (21st and Clinton) and Chance of Rain Cafe (on 32nd and Hawthorne). My immersion on the local art scene provides a great wealth or resources for artistic talent. My goal with The Globe art shows is to provide high quality themed exhibitions with hand selected artists in this beautiful space. The openings at The Globe will be an extension of the monthly motifs, I’ll be booking appropriate musicians for the events and adjusting the ambiance accordingly.

The Globe is still within their first year of operation and the space has hosted several less successful restaurants but has maintained a reputation as a beautiful space for showing artwork, with a long main wall, high ceilings and loads of natural light through the front glass walls and glass roll up doors. The front bar area and stage area in the back, each have their own lounge alcoves with somewhat more intimate vibes. Their beer taps are carefully selected and rotate local micros (not the typical Oregon stuff, but real Portland beers made fresh!). Also, the food is exceptional; their pizza recently received a great review in Cheap Eats and the Lumpia is something special.

The Globe provides live music every night with no cover ever! The First Friday opening in April will feature a combination of analog and digital dj’s and live tunes from members of Eleven Eyes, Amadan, and Surrounded by Ninjas.

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